We not only capture all data for 3D realtime simulations from the stadium, but also from each player. LETO Tech's software then mixes that data with HD camera footage and the 3D photoreal simulation to generate a new media feed that let's the viewers choose any perspective, angle, movement or point of view they want - in realtime, ready for all formats, LIVE.


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Developed in association with:

Artefact Group

Cambridge Consultants




By merging the worlds of live physical action and virtual photoreal simulation LETO produces "technology indistinguishable from magic." (A.Clark)


“LETO” comes from ancient Greek meaning “hidden” - introducing technology, that is invisible and yet propels the user to a whole new level of immersion and engagement.

LETO technologies is a software development company, with associations in hardware and industrial design. Our core development team is based in Babelsberg, Germany and consists of multi-disciplinary mature hard- and software engineers. We work with sports, technology and media experts from all over the World.



LETO Tech is in development.

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LETO sees the future, today.


LETO is building technology that enables you to watch any Live Sport event in a truly revolutionary way.

Developed in association with:

Artefact Group

Cambridge Consultants





Want to enjoy an away game in the home stadium? AR lets you watch your team, even if they are not there.

You are a fan of the immersive experience? Becoming a player in the team, this is for you.

Ready for broadcasting / streaming around the World for viewers to enjoy at home. 

The LETO software with built-in AI capabilities is uniting and processing all feeds from the stadium cameras, the telemetry data, photogrametrical images and the realtime 3D simulation into an interactive video feed.

Most sports broadcasting today still offers the same analog experience - with only the game as the single focus of attention. LETO Sports is here to change that and provide the engagement and immersion demanded by today’s fans.


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